Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The importance of good shoes

you cant buy least not the legal way
you cant borrow them
you can be born with a portion of them

all the carbon fiber aero-shit doesn't mean dick if you dont have them...
at least not for longevity

The importance of good shoes..doesn't necessarily mean those things you wear on your feet.someone once said...TMS is a weird place scatterd with riddles only within the fight club know..and the importance of good shoes is one of those..

after poling a few folks the last few weeks inside the TMS circle we narrowed it down to a few individuals who have em and why they have them...and how they handle them...

1.Nate Williams
man role model of how to do it,,over the years Nates proven he is pretty frickin good all bicycle pedaling...He's figured it out quick something it takes some people there entire life to figure out...having a family means more than racing weekend after weekend..and doing so he has figured out you dont need to and still be a badass...

instead being that guy who wants to be good at all types of bike pedaling, even though he could probably excel at many other disciplines.....
the Giant sticks to what he is the best at.. off road  shit..
nuff said..

3.The Highlander
years and years of constant battles have hones the Sword to solid polished state..a once formidable TT guy with a solid sprint...Highlander isnt playing to swing in a bunched up elbow breaking field the years pass he plays the cards of a break and 3/4 times he makes the selection and post a solid ride..

hands down the best all arounder in scene time..the Roadking
a great less is more transition into his family life routine appears successful ..even after hiding and racing less last fall he took down the nearly un-take-able down ScottyA

as much as Dan might not want to admit his calling dirt road shit..why mix the power out put of a good time trialing rider, and the skills of a killer mountain bike race..a decent head of a road guy..and its a perfect combo...

wise old wont see Hess honching a break..i suspect his T-hold power isnt that solid..and he knows it..but when the field comes out of the last corner..he plays to his known strength...sticks to the plan and cleans up..

7. Luke Cavander
Put him on the track and its a whole nother world..Luke could of been a great crit racer..but his good shoes are at that track...

10 years ago you would of scene the Evil dude playing for the field sprint..10 years is a long time for an old dude..the first thing an athlete loses his sprint..cutting his odds instead of laying for a 20 rider bunch sprint the Evil-Dude probably improved his TTn and figures rolling certain manageable breaks against 4-5 guys improves his odds with old guy sprinting legs...nice shoes.

not sure if this guy is still around..he could be pretty good everything i think..but wind him up and let ride for a day and thats his perfect shoes..

10.Mike Gardynik
off most peoples radar..the guy that looks like the local hardware store manager...doesnt crit race..doesnt mountain 24 hrs...he can do one thing and one thing killer Time Trial..

its no mystery Mikes favorite number is 100...over the years Mike races less than most people realizes but has learned the quantity doesn't count..its quality...

the scene is a quite different place these past few years...they say its a young mans world now...
its gonna be interesting to see which of the young guys shoes develop over the years...



Anonymous said...

If the shoe fits you should wear it.

Anonymous said...

words of wisdom

Henrietta Collins said...

You already broke the first rule of Fight Club...