Monday, February 13, 2017

Black Science

1.At nearly 50 years old picks a NRC crit as his first race of the year and finishes mid pack

2. Gets DQd after winning at the Major Taylor State Road Race in 01 by Paul Alman who claims he cut over on the second place rider who was of all things Canadian..that rider said it never happened Paul sticks to his gun

3.Weeks later he obliterates everyone at the Pino in Waterford winning solo and crossing the finish line looking right at Paul Alman and yelling.."is that straight enough for you??"

4.Comes good better than almost anyone when he wants to known to  Fall in love with a rider of the month


Anonymous said...

Fucking Paul Alman, the man who picks and chooses what races earn you points and gave upgrades to riders who never deserved them. I'm really loving this dedication to Card.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the old Sunrise sport team.