Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fonzies Place

Sorry Im late..even the Fonz can Nerd out at times..

Christy Turlington...AAy..super of super me those gals and even more so in basic black

Jennifer Tilly sends the Fonz into orbit..and her voice 
some nights i just sit back listen to monsters Inc with my Koss headphones..

Crazy ghost ladies in bath tubs...sure why not

Tyra B...could there ever be a more perfect creation..and not to mention Fonz is coo coo over body positive females

Iman and Bowie

I dunno whats better Bowie or his Ladie..i think this could quite possibly be the last ever here on Fonzies..corner..i mean serous nerds..


Treat your special friends to somethin this week that money cant buy...
your attention..

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