Friday, April 28, 2017

1. WOW that was a quick April..
2.Cone Azalia now in thats veeered
3.The Lion of Leroy, skies, MTBs and roadbikes all in one ..even veeerder
4.Cant stop Staran is now official.............. missing in action
5.ScottyQ can still ride
6.Dan Yankus wears pink shoes for breast cancer awareness..nice
7.The CX schedule is already open...hope there is...
8.The Bunny really did man
9,The MBRA schedule/series is up and has people in tizzie
10.why have a series?
11,lots of racing this weekend...small turnouts everywhere
12.SIMONSTER is coming
13.the Grayling Giant is slowly coming awake from his deep winter Northern slumber...
14,Whats with the Base media guys doing the bullet on any thing with -2% grade?
15.wonder what the WIZ is doing

be safe out there biking is treacherous

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