Thursday, April 27, 2017

State Of The State

The Timer is set T got five minutes to bust this shit out...........

HeLLkat 100 seems to be a intresting event..15buck entry low key old school 3T honch AL Mcdillwillams uses his long days in the saddle to ride away from his 5 hrs break companion and scores some BVDS
Waterford is over with...... at least for the spring shit...some little kid pisses the stalwarts off and despite his shoes..Danny Yankus Hetvolks a sprint style win...
DC  will always be Dc
wonder what DK is doing..and were the Hell is Lathrup?
Yankee Springs is now the race to be scene at with over 700 riders lining up..Some Tanguy wins it handily over the Miscene legend ScottyQ...nice..
JohnnyU in the 5 and the Lion skied alot last winter
lets bring it back the 1 lap and see if they double that turnout...
AAVC starts off with a solid group..
The same old same old....breakakaway on a short course Then the new BaseMedia guy goes up against the Old guy and pulls the win off at the line..and the Black Ace is rumored to have riddin from Ohio to the race..raced and rode home...
now thats fucked up...
Willow TT pre-reg looks to be at all time low...
Rust Shaker expert/elite field looks good
The MBRA series is now alive and producing a feeble heartbeat at best..

there you all just got the scene update
carry the fuck on

Love and respect forever

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