Friday, April 21, 2017

1,scott bower 
came from a running back ground and in one year went from a sport rider setting a time at Yankee Springs that put him in the top 10 over to a Elite rider by fall..then gone

2.eric tompkin 
was a thick dog that raced for the defunct Planet Cycle shop.dropped weight and spent many years murdering dudes on a SS

3.tom archer
another guy dropped the weight and got to be solid overall rider..but just missed getting any state titles..riding for the Ford/Giant Team on the road and the TWT/bells team on the MTB rode both well

4.bryan farmer
a skinny quiet guy from the waterford area  BITD that had a few almost seasons

5.jamie parker
Another one from back in the day that was almost always just close to being in there hanging with The WIZ and DC helped

6.danny klein
The God of the what IFS....

7.jay moncel
Jay cut his teeth getting leatherd by the WIZ and the Blue-Wave..but stuck it out and had a few good seasons in the process in later years

8.curt johnson
Raced for Metro bikes and was always a factor off road in the late 90's and crossed pretty decent before it got serous

9.thomas kachelmeyer
back in the early 2000..spent the winters out west often and came back haulin..with suspicion of peds

10.wayne cook 
The Eddie Munster doppelganger...Wayne could SS for 100 miles failry well..i hear he gained weight and fishes for a living now..

11.joe cranston
Joe won MTB races BITD riding a Pro-Flex..anyone who can even navigate a single track with a bike with rubber nerf balls holding it together had skills..

12.derek grahm
skid mark didnt gain too many friends with his silent seemingly early Bissell arrogant attitude but that dude could ride a bike and win state titles like a mofo..

13.mike anderson
Mikes raw talent is and was pretty scary...he should figure out a way to bottle that shit and sell it..

14.grahm howard 
the elder half of the Howard duo...won alot in Michigan and took some wins out west at bigger stuff too

15,steve howard
Steve or Sven..depending on the years..for short balding guy he rolled some solid rides with his bro..could cross cross pretty passable too when he wanted..


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