Thursday, April 20, 2017

Just cuz you got a mouth dont mean you have to open it all the darn time..some of the best friendships are silent ones...been awhile since T really gave the scene any real thought..but since he is human and like vomit on the sidewalk outside the Golden Corral you gotta take a look..
With the gravel weekends aside Mother Nature has been sweet on us huh? Some folk said to me over liquids...

"Its nearly May and we dudes with what seems like going into some crazy form..and some silently not"..

Its such a long weird season in Miscene..soo much going and soo little time to make real sense of it all

Waterloo GG: scary weather
Former BRX winner Steve Brogilio comes out of entombment and rides away from the 50K
Scotty and Danny: sounds like Ts childhood friends..but they rode like bad asses
Rumor: the Bunny is a MMA lightweight fighter
speaking Scotty Arizonia gave him some golden addition to a solid spring mini campaign he came close to stealin the Grayling Giants KOM at Pontiac Lake
DC rides a Fatbike cuz he has the jersey
Melting Dude..
Rumor Mike Anderson is training to contest a full MTB schedule
Shamberger starts showing his teeth
That bearded ginger dude can be sudden on all fronts
youth has its day
Rumor: JB Hancock is making another run at his Cat 1/2 upgrade
BRX: whoa
the weather again nearly sends most of the fun lovin gravel swollers to the ER
got outta state official with very few scneres cracking the top 10 in the the big dog
even fewer top 10 finishers show from last year
Rumor the Evil-Dude calls it quits
Springfling......hell its almost over with and it aint started...
Waterford offers locker rental for 2017
Strava segments and KOMS make the Waterford races seem more interesting..
Rumor: The BlackAce eats it at over 35 mph training in Georgia and rides another 100K after
No confirmed real MBRA series..
does anybody know
does anybody care
Suppose if there is one planned it would be nice to see out before the longest standing event the Willow TT
PappaT jumps the O2 ship as does most of the crew
Rumor Simonster is inflicted with the gardia virus
3T gravel fun crew is standing near the stage for the AAVC spring thing
Baseheads super squadra sets up there own gig for a day
Some Hipster is running a Alley cat race same weekend
Wanley and Benny are set to crush
Brett Bedwow is off killin at Joe Martin and other misc hardman style races
Rumor...Uncle Bobby has another cross race in the works
MTB schedule is looks thicker than the road stuff for a change
Yankee Springs now the oldest continuous run race in Michigan
Rumor Former state CX champion Jer Walker is on a non USAC comeback mode
former MIA scener Joe Cranston is on the the pre-reg Yankee start list..
Tan-guy and ScottyQ too...

make yourself great again fools
still lovin you with passion and respect!

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